Recall of URTEKRAM ALL-OVER WASH NO PERFUME BABY, Batch No 3015057, 3016020 & 900906


Midsona Denmark A/S informs of a full recall on URTEKRAM ALL-OVER WASH NO PERFUME BABY products, with the batch numbers mentioned above. This recall is a precautionary measure due to possible microbiological contamination. Since the product is targeted towards children, we have decided to make a full recall.

Following products may be affected:

Batch number 3015057 Expiry date: 240821

Batch number 3016020 Expiry date: 300821

Batch Number 900906 Expiry date 300521 written as 0521.

Batch numbers are printed on the back of the bottle (See the pictures above)

Scope: The recall is of all affected batches.

Reason: Possible microbiological contamination above the acceptable threshold for a baby product.

Action from you: If you have bought the product with this batch number, please throw it away. If you have used the product without reaction there is no need to worry. 

Other batches or products are not affected in this recall.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Peter Overgaard

CEO, Midsona Danmark A/S